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Seeing the Bigger Picture

One of the greatest challenges as leaders of a customer-facing operation is the ability and discipline to consistently seek to see the bigger picture. Why is this relevant and important to us, because this is the way our customers see our value proposition. The truth of the matter is that our customers don't care about the departments which segment the staff within your company. Our customers see one experience that encompasses a start, a middle and an end. Within that journey exists multiple opportunities to either extend the value proposition or diminish it.

When I come across an organisation that isn't fulfilling their potential in terms of the customer value proposition, in most cases it is because the people who are executing the customer experience are not able to see past their department's influence. Staff who make true impact on customers are able to identify with the problems which the customer at hand faces and therefore speak to those problems, not what their departments limit them to be able to do.

The onus lies with the leaders of the organisation to instil a bigger picture understanding of the customer experience. It starts with getting staff at the executional level in touch with the way that your customers perceive the experience, not just the department. When a staff member understands the full customer journey, they begin to understand how they can be of service beyond the standard expectation. The ability to achieve this level of understanding is less about their capacity to learn and more about the relentlessness and accountability of the learning mechanism that delivers this content to each individual.

In summary, if you want your staff to begin making true impact on your customers, begin to instil the bigger picture understanding of your customer value proposition. Enable your staff to understand your offering in the way that a loyal & repeat customer does. Changing behaviour does not happen with one intervention, it happens with a dedicated and deliberate system of delivery that feeds individuals on repeat basis as well as keeps them accountable to this knowledge.

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