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Delivering the Unexpected

A fantastic experience happened to me at the weekend relating to #customerservice. I was on a long run from Claremont to Sea Point (Cape Town) and in much need of some rehydration, came across this food truck located close to the 12 Apostles Hotel.

Assuming that every food truck these days has snapscan and/or zapper, I pulled out my phone to purchase a bottle of water. Turns out the vendor only takes cash. No wallet on me and no other vendors nearby, the gent on duty quickly summed up the situation, realised that I could use the water and offered it to me without compensation.

He had every right to turn me away but as few vendors these days realise, it's a lose-lose outcome. The generous offer came without any expectation of something in return which in itself is a great lesson.

The reason for me posting this is not because I believe he deserves to be recognised for this but rather that if more people acted without the expectation of something in return, we would be creating many more win-win scenarios in our #customerexperience. To the #StreetCafeFoodTruck - tip of the cap to you and I look forward to supporting you at events in the future.

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