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Why people join Golf Clubs today

After recently hosting a webinar on this topic for club managers, I wanted to pen a few key sentiments from the webinar which would hopefully be of assistance to clubs across the spectrum.


Instead of leading with facilities or other tangibles in terms of the marketing message, your purpose or cause is where a club moves from the transactional into the transformational.

Be clear on your purpose statement and make a point of ensuring that every role-player in your club understands how they can lead with your purpose.


By knowing the "problems" of your prospective and current members is to ensure relevancy in terms of your value proposition. The historic assumption has been that most solutions lie in the tangible - the course, clubhouse, facilities etc which are undoubtedly important but by themselves don't guarantee high demand. What does create a high-demand experience is where you combine impressive tangibles with a seamless and truly people-centric customer journey.


The top clubs seek to extract value at multiple touchpoints and in so doing, put forward a value proposition that speaks to a cross-section of prospective members. None of the blocks above should be a weak link in the value proposition. Each touchpoint provides an opportunity to elevate the overall offering. When simplified, your purpose statement (mentioned above) should be manifested throughout each of the interactions in the above segments of the experience.

RCA works with a collection of golf and country clubs to maximise the member & visitor value proposition. To find out more about our work with clubs, email

Compiled by Rob Arnold

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