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Management Principles: The Power of Progressive Stimulus

Has there ever been a time in human existence where the degree of distraction exceeded the current magnitude? Why is this relevant in the context of this article? As human beings, we are the function of the stimulus we allow in. Consider the individuals that you manage and lead on a daily basis. What is the landscape of stimulus they are being exposed to in your working environment and is it serving to elevate (or detract from) their psychological state?

It has long been believed that finding balance in all aspects of life brings the most fulfilling returns and when it comes to stimulus, this principle has never been more important. If you were to conduct an audit on the balance between positive and negative stimulus that any one of your team members is being exposed to on a daily/weekly/monthly basis, what do you believe that split would resemble?

A fundamental success factor of any manager (and leader) is to create an environment where people are able to operate to their optimum potential. There is simply no chance of any employee obtaining peak output if they are being exposed to destructive stimuli on an ongoing basis.

The challenge in terms of being more intentional and proactive about what stimuli your team are exposed to is that there are just so many sources to consider. Clients, fellow colleagues, mobile apps, news media, music, social circles literally just scratches the surface. The role of the manager is not to try and block off these sources but rather to teach oour people how to discern between the noise and the nutrition. As a result of being more discerning, the individual can then be more conscious about the micro-decisions which put them in the optimum environments from one day to the next.

Let the balance of 2022 be the year where you, the superb manager consciously and proactively seeks to #ManageTheMood and as a result, leverages the true potential of the individual and the collective.

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