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The connection between Appraisals and the Customer Experience

What is the link between employee appraisals and ensuring a consistently high-quality customer experience? Instead of the review process coming across as policing exercise in the eyes of the employee, it can in fact be a significant & empowering catalyst for more consistent behaviour.

Clarifying Expectations

While many see appraisals as a reflective process, a comprehensive iteration should start before the fact. In other words, a well-structured appraisal process fulfils the need of clarifying expectations to respective employees.

Reinforcing Expectations

Another beneficial bi-product of a sound appraisal programme is the reinforcement of key success factors across the staff complement. For example, if a critically important behaviour within a department is problem-solving and in every quarterly appraisal, the employee is provided with a quantitative score for this behaviour, it becomes a reinforced expectation in their mind. Ideally, there should also be a qualitative aspect coupled to this providing the individual with guidance of how to move the needle in the right direction.

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Progressive Accountability

A transparent appraisal structure enables progressive accountability because it ensures focus on the quality of execution from each individual. Organisations which do not utilise a structured system allow for staff to live in the grey areas of performance. This approach, more often than not, leads to inconsistent behaviour and execution simply because there is no direct consequence for individuals not performing to a pre-determined expectation.

Useful Data for Staff Development

When analysing trends across the sum of the appraisals, it becomes evident where skills deficits potentially exist within a department or team. There is no better way to intelligently compile a suitable training strategy for respective personnel.

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