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How to Improve Per-Head Spend

Rob Arnold

What makes us as consumers willing to spend more of our hard-earned cash with one brand/establishment over another? Working closely with a selection of retail and hospitality brands over the last 10 years, I have found the following to be consistent amongst those who enjoy a greater per-head spend across their customer base.

1. Getting the Customer into the right Psychology

When a consumer chooses to come into your space, whether that be an online user experience or something more tangible, you have the opportunity to positively (or negatively) influence their psychology through a number of different touchpoints. It is the first few seconds in a brick and mortar store or on the landing page of an e-commerce site that has arguably the most significant impact on whether a customer chooses to explore further or disconnects immediately from the offering.

Whilst landing pages on e-commerce sites have evolved over time as various trends have emerged, the ability of the same company to consistently evolve their human capital in the brick and mortar space has not been as consistent. Whatever the brand's strategy is across these different mediums, the key success factor is making sure that the customer feels the requisite degree of significance in these early exchanges. If that is achieved, the exploration continues. If it feels too generic or insufficiently personalised, the potential connection is lost.

2. Asking the Right Questions