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Management Insights from 2022

This year has delivered a few interesting management insights across our client landscape which I wanted to take the opportunity to share in this brief update.

  1. Expectations delivered to your team with specificity equate to more tasks being executed properly.

  2. Employees are more likely to develop the right habits when they realise that their decisions have a direct impact on their personal brand.

  3. The companies thriving across our client landscape are intentional about making feedback a more natural practice in the business.

  4. A significant number of managers within our ecosystem have enhanced their team’s productivity by realising that their state of mind becomes the team’s state of mind by the end of the day.

  5. In terms of management prioritisation, there is now an evident shift toward teaching the team how to fish as opposed to providing the employee with the fish. This places the employee in a more sustained growth curve.

In a recent research exercise conducted with a few of our longer-term clients, it became increasingly evident that effort placed on the development of the junior management level returned the most significant improvement in terms of service levels and staff happiness. The reason for the above is that this level of the staff complement has the most influential impact on those at the coal-face delivering your service.

A client landscape we can be very proud of!

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