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Cultivating Productivity during Corona COVID-19

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

As we begin to make sense of COVID-19, a number of businesses are seeking ways of being productive and innovative during the transition period.

We believe that this is a great opportunity to look inward a take stock of a few aspects of your operation. We've also provided a few tools to assist you along the way:

1. Work proactively on your Team's Psychology

In terms of our individual psychologies, this is a very uncertain time for all. In order to avoid irrational and/or knee-jerk reactions, we need to proactively work on our psychology in the weeks and months which follow.

One way in which we are tackling this head-on is our Bulletproofing your Psychology online course.

2. Educate staff on all things COVID-19

As with most things in life, education on the topic is a key step in the process of problem-solving. It is dangerous to assume that our teams are all aware of the details of the virus.

We've compiled a free COVID-19 Awareness module to assist you in getting the message out to your team, regardless of how big your team is :)

3. Conduct Digital Staff Appraisals

This is a great opportunity to look inwards and provide staff with feedback on their performances over the last quarter.

We've slashed our price on the RCA Appraisal Platform to make this achievable in these uncertain times.

4. Review your current Customer Value Proposition

We don't often have time to take a beat and review what our current customer value proposition looks like. Take this time now to properly map your customer journey touchpoints and assess where the opportunity lies to extract great value for your customers.

Get in touch if you'd like a free template for this.

5. Hold internal staff Think-tanks

Provide your team with assignments during this period to help stimulate their thinking. Make use of tools like Zoom to hold remote meetings with teams.

Also, encourage your teams to share ideas internally about how you can improve your experience offering.

We've created a free ideas input form for you to circulate to your team and collect ideas during this off-time.

6. Get Input from your Customers

As most people out there are looking for things to keep them busy, why not use this time to engage a segment of your customer base in a digital forum and create dialogue around what they believe would add more value to your offering.

A potentially effective channel to use would be remote focus groups through Zoom/Skype or the like.

By keeping your mind (as well as those within your team) busy and forward-thinking, you will create an environment optimally geared towards problem-solving and use this time in the most productive and effective manner.

7. Product Knowledge Testing

What a great opportunity to make sure staff are levelling up with their knowledge of product ranges.

Get in touch

We hope this helps and do get in touch if you'd like to put together a more tailored-action plan for your team at an affordable rate.

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