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Humewood Golf Club: A True Great Returns

A lot is often said about the allure of Cape Town or the vibrancy and energy of Johannesburg but there remains something uniquely special about visiting the epicentre of the Eastern Cape, Port Elizabeth. From a golfing perspective, no place exudes the ethos of the Eastern Cape like Humewood Golf Club and the people that make up the greater Humewood family.

There's a lot that can be said for those who still take the time to acknowledge and make one feel at ease in their space. The action of acknowledging a fellow individual is one piece of the puzzle. The attitude with which the acknowledgement is conveyed often speaks as loudly as the action itself. What I immediately appreciated about the Humewood team is the authenticity with which they acknowledge members and visitors.

The club itself has recently endured some uncertain times which saddened many who perceive Humewood as a lot more than a club but rather a significant part of their lives. As they say on tour, form is temporary but class is permanent. Anyone who has a modicum of appreciation for a true golfing test will know that Humewood echos class through every undulation of this unique and special layout.

The beauty of the course is one aspect but what captured me beyond the track is the emotional equity invested by the members of this club. I attended the most recent AGM and what I simply could not ignore was the vigour with which each and every individual who stood up to speak, conveyed their message. The degree of commitment doesn't just end with words either. As the club commences with numerous upgrades to the clubhouse and general infrastructure, the extent of contribution which has come from various members has been nothing short of phenomenal.

A new committee spearheaded by Francois Snijmann are already making great strides towards developing a customer-centric culture where every strategic decision is aligned to delivering increased value to members and visitors. General Manager, Brendon Timm has taken the bull by the horns and engaged fantastically with existing and potential stakeholders to move all aspects of the club to the next level.

Beyond the incredibly unique and beautiful landscape one is treated to upon visiting the club, the genuine willingness to make golfers feel at home and valued is what Humewood is all about. Members of this club can be incredibly proud of this club and it's place in the South African golfing context.

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