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Tokara: A Terroir Driven Experience

RCA has had the privilege of working with the Tokara family for a couple of years now and it is a relationship we are most proud of. The continued success of the Tokara brand is thanks to a strong leadership team that are continually seeking ways of enhancing the brand home experience so that guests leave with more than just a beautiful bottle of wine.

Tokara glass

Karl Lambour sits at the helm of the Tokara team and brings an unrelenting effervescence to the development of the inherent culture. Along with a well-travelled perspective comes the refreshing belief that the status quo must be questioned from time to time in order to keep innovating.

Suzanne van Dyk, head of marketing at the estate is unwaveringly passionate about the story which the Tokara brand tells at every touch point. This attention to detail is a cornerstone of the Tokara approach as a whole.

Stuart Botha, new winemaker at Tokara, has had the inviting challenge of taking forward Miles Mossop's work and at the same time adding his touches in a subtle but impactful manner. Stuart believes strongly in the wine telling the story of the site and allowing these characteristics to speak loudest in the flavour profiles of the wines.

At the helm in the tasting room is Rob Olsen who brings a wonderfully creative flair to articulation of the Tokara story and how this is transferred to various guests at the estate.