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Mystery Shopper Refunds



This page is dedicated to addressing any queries with regards to your mystery shopping refund through RCA. There is also a query form which you can complete below, should you have any questions regarding your specific refund.




Requirements for Refund


  1. In order for you to be eligible to receive your refund, the questionnaire you were required to populate must be completed in full and in the manner that was communicated by the RCA representative. Our clients demand a high level of specificity in terms of the feedback which we aim to uphold at all times. 

  2. Please make sure that you have submitted the correct banking details. Should the incorrect banking details be supplied, you will not receive the refund in the communicated time-frame. 

  3. The amount refunded will be stipulated before the visit. Any amount spent over and above this will be for your own expense.

  4. Should RCA deem that the quality of feedback provided does not meet the requirements communicated to you prior to the visit, you will be required to amend your feedback to meet these requirements.





Refund Dates

  • Refund payment runs occur on 15 and at the end of each month. 

  • Refunds may be paid out sooner in special circumstances.

  • Out goal is to refund each guest no later than 7 working days after they have completed their feedback. 



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