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A look at what the Customer of 2024 sees as exceptional, out-of-the-ordinary and memorable...



You have ONE Opportunity


  • The age of dramatic distraction has been brought on through a tremendous degree of clutter.

  • As customers we are inundated with choice . Our inclination to brand-hop has increased substantially as a result of the slightest unhappiness with service levels of quality of product. 

  • The onus rests heavily on the service provider to immediately provide above-expectation value to the extent where it becomes a talking point for consumers. 

  • Those brands that are able to connect with their customers through empathetic staff who just get it will ensure return business.

  • Whether you are a restaurant, retailer or anything in between, every customer that enters your premises is a possible return client - you have one opportunity to make it so. 





You are the Sum of ALL your TOUCH POINTS


  • Making the sale, whether you are sellng an item on the menu, a sweater or even a phone contract, starts from the very first customer touch point and continues up until the decision to (or not to) purchase.  

  • A below standard restroom affects what (or how much) you order in the restaurant.

  • An out-of-date website affects the events planner's decision who is considering your venue for her next function. 

  • How staff answer the telephone can impact a company's bottom line by the extent of said staff member's annual salary and a lot more. 

  • Every email, telephone interaction, table surface, pay counter, apron, customer greeting, restroom basin, or whatever other touch points form part of the customer experience, contribute to our perception of that brand. 

  • The best brands place emphasis on all of their respective touch points.





The degree of PRODUCT KNOWLEDGE the Staff Posses


  • It is the quickest and most obvious indicator of what level of customer experience one is dealing with. 

  • Thanks to extent of access, today's customer is far better informed.

  • Staff that know less than the customer may as well clock out and head to nearest pub.

  • What excites customers today are staff members who first seek to understand them and subsequently connect the right product/solution with the customer. 

  • Today, we as customers take immense value from someone who is able to teach us something new about an interest of ours. These are the people in customer service we remember!



An obvious CULTURE of Service 


  • The existence of a customer-focused service culture is rarely found but glaringly obvious thanks to one characteristic - Consistency

    • Every aspect of the customer-focused service experience is carefully constructed to repeatedly exceed customer expectation. Whether it is Monday or Friday, the level of emphasis on the customer's satisfaction does not waiver. There exists a collective buy-in to delivering fantastic service. 

  • These organizations have achieved this though creating accountability for every individual's service within the company, rewarding exceptional work and establishing measures for lack thereof. 

  • Service Cultures are not built in a day, week or month, they require constant emphasis, training and drive from the top.




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Life after the SALE


  • Building customer relationships which result in repeat business is today about showing interest after the sale. 

  • An intelligent waiter will put as much emphasis on his service post payment of the bill as he does pre-payment. 

  • It is the result of recognising the reality that customers have the power and don't have to return if they are not satisfied with the level of value. 

  • It is not just following up, it is about HOW this is executed that makes as much difference. 

  • Showing customers that you're invested in their long term well being (in terms of what you are sellng them) is what brings them back.

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