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What is Mystery Shopping?

RCA makes use of mystery shoppers in order to evaluate the customer experience within our retail and hospitality clients. 


As a mystery shopper, you are required to visit a store/restaurant/hotel in much the same way as a normal customer would. The only difference is that you are evaluating very specific elements of the customer experience. 


The reason why we call it "Mystery" Shopping is that the staff working in the establishment are unawares to the fact they are being evaluated. We want them to be unawares because this provides the most honest reflection of the customer experience. 

How do I evaluate the Client?

RCA will provide you with a full briefing before your visit so that you know exactly what to look out for during your time at the client. 

Luckily, you don't have to worry about completing spreadsheets or anything of that nature. Our feedback system works off your mobile phone, tablet or PC. This will be elaborated upon during the pre-visit brief. 

How do I get Compensated?

Each visit, depending on the client at hand, has a different compensation rate. This will be communicated to you right at the beginning. 

Your compensation is paid directly into your account as soon as the relevant questionnaire has been satisfactorily completed.   

When do I do the Visit?

Each mystery shopper visit has a time window. You will be required to complete your visit during this designated window. The RCA representative will again communicate this with you before-hand. 

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