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Why some brands develop a Service Culture and others fail

1. The Message from the Top - If your executive lives and breaths customer prioritisation then the chance of the organisational culture reflecting this will be significantly greater. The most consistent service driven cultures have invariably stemmed from a leader who was crystal clear in their expectations of service.

2. Simplicity - The most consistent and successfully created cultures of service are often the most simple. We're talking about a one-pager that outlines what the company is aiming to achieve for their customers in a basic but powerful way. By keeping it simple, the entry level staff right up to the executive understand what the daily behaviour needs to look like.

3. A Focus on the Finer Aspects - It's about how your staff word their day-to-day emails, how the telephone at reception is answered and how your staff communicate with one another in front of customers. These details provide a quick but accurate indication of whether the organisation has successfully developed a culture of service.