Fairview Mystery Guest Brief

Dear Mystery Guest


Thank you for participating in the Fairview Mystery Guest Programme. Please see below for all the important information:

  • The visit will include two wine tastings each (the Standard tasting and the Beryl Back tasting).  


  • The reservation forms part of the evaluation. You can find the questions at the link below. 


  • Please remember all names of staff interacted with




  • As part of the online evaluation we will ask you for banking details where the amount will be refunded by Fairview back into your account. This process ensures the Fairview staff see you as a normal “paying” guest.


  • Please keep the spending caps in mind. You are welcome to exceed this amount but keep in mind this will be for your own expense.

  • PLEASE NOTE: Refunds may take longer dependent on the date you visit in comparison to the next payment run. 




Here's how you access the Questionnaires:

Click on the links below to access the required questionnaires:


Key Points VIDEO




Please watch before Visit

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